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About Coach Patti

Hello! I am Patti Wohlin and I enjoy inspiring and empowering people who want to become more Effective Health Keepers.

As a certified Functional Health Coach and retired Physician Assistant of Pediatrics and Family Medicine, I have seen the barriers that discourage patients from Taking Charge of their Health and prevent Providers from effectively engaging patients in self-care.

I am creating courses to help people build skills and understanding to manifest the quality of care they deserve.

My mission is to help patients become part of the solution and bring much needed Compassion and to develop Partnerships with providers that help the system shift from sick care to Health Care.

For several decades I have been both student and teacher in the Arts of Personal Self-Mastery.

I specialize in teaching self-help skills and improving Health Literacy. 

I offer Health and Wellness Coaching sessions, with an emphasis in Functional Medicine.

My background has a broad scope including practices as Natural Childbirth Educator, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Body Worker, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Retired Physician Assistant in Family and Pediatric practice, and Health Coach.


Grandmother, Hospice Volunteer, Artist

   "Since I started coaching with Patti Wohlin, I discovered how to become the one in charge of my medical journey."
"I've now owned it and have changed my relationship with my doctor."  
"We are a team!"


Mother of two, Physician Assistant

    "Patti Wohlin is a true gem. She helped me to harness all the moving parts of my healthcare into a simple and tangible process."
"She is as genuine, kind, and compassionate as you get.  I highly recommend her to help you figure out your true self and to help you live your best life."


Father, Grandfather, Minister

"I always look forward to our coaching time for sharing my heart and gaining wisdom from your questions!"

Health Keeping Made Simple

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